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5 Tips For Your Dog’s Winter Safety

Winter is quickly approaching, and you may notice your dogs feeling a little less enthusiastic about going out. They need to be safe and comfortable…

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Does Your Dog Have An Exercise Routine?

Dogs need exercise in order to stay healthy just as humans do. This blog post is all about making sure that our canine friends get…

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Brush Your Dog Before It’s Too Late

You may have heard that you need to brush your dog, especially double-coated breed, but why? Brushing removes dirt and dead hair that can get…

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Train Your Dog To Like Brushing: 7 Tips From Your Groomer

How To Brush a Dog | Brushing Shih Tzu How to Brush a Dog |Brushing & Fluff Dry Shih Tzu How To Brush a Dog…

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How Often Do I Need My Dog Groomed?

In this article, we will go over how to determine how often you should bring your dog in for grooming. There are a couple of…

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have your dog groomed professionally

Why you should have your dog groomed professionally?

Table of Contents Just like humans, pets need to be groomed regularly in order to maintain health and hygiene. You might think your dog’s fur…

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Nail Health 101 For Dogs

If you own a dog, you know you need to be aware dog’s nail health and trim your dog’s nails regularly. But how do you…

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Keep Your Dog Comfortable

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Comfortable In The Summer

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to prepare for the hot, humid weather. While we humans have plenty of options to stay cool,…

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5 Tips Before You Take Your Puppy to The Dog Groomer

Watch on YouTube We want to make sure that your pet has a great experience with our pet grooming services, so be sure to check…

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Setting Your Puppy Up For Grooming Success

One of the most important things to do when you’re getting your puppy groomed is starting basic puppy grooming training before they turn 16 weeks…

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shave down

How To Avoid A Shave Down At The Groomer’s 

Have you had the experience of having your dog shave down at the groomers? When you have a light-colored and fluffy dog like a Maltese,…

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4 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Puppy

Since the start of the Pandemic in early 2020, many of us are now spending more time at home than ever before. As a result…

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Why Puppy Grooming Is Important?

Did you know that puppies should come in for their first puppy grooming appointment soon after their last vaccine boosters at around 16 weeks old?…

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Dandelions Are Our Friends: Beware of Weedless Lawns

With the weather warming up, the sun shining brightly, and the days get longer, we’re all starting to enjoy the beautiful long walks with our dogs.…

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Is Dog Grooming Necessary During The Winter Time?

Dog grooming is not just for the summer! Grooming during the winter season is just as important and should not be overlooked. Certain breeds need…

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Dog teeth brushing (toothbrush and toothpaste method)

I recommend starting the gauze method before going to the toothbrush. Not cooperative pet gets comfortable with the gauze and your finger in his / her…

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Dog Teeth Brushing ( cotton gauze method )

I recommend the “touching exercise” first. After you clear this exercise, you can start The Advanced Exercise of putting your finger into your dog’s mouth. Then you…

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How to brush your dog’s teeth at home.

When your dog comes back from a pet salon looking gorgeous and is eager to jump up in your arms, you would feel a bit annoyed if he/she…

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