Train Your Dog To Like Brushing: 7 Tips From Your Groomer


How To Brush a Dog | Brushing Poodle Puppy Coming Soon Coming Soon Do you dread brushing your dog? We know the feeling! It seems like a tedious task, but it can be done at home with little time and patience. The secret to success is starting early-when they’re still a puppy, use the right…

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Why you should have your dog groomed professionally?

have your dog groomed professionally

Just like humans, pets need to be groomed regularly in order to maintain health and hygiene. You might think your dog’s fur doesn’t look as bad as it could, so you don’t feel compelled to take him in for grooming. However, there are many benefits to have your dog groomed professionally. That can not only…

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5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Comfortable In The Summer

Keep Your Dog Comfortable

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to prepare for the hot, humid weather. While we humans have plenty of options to stay cool, dogs don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to keeping themselves comfortable during these extreme temperatures. Here are 5 Ways To Keep your dog comfortable in the summer…

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5 Tips Before You Take Your Puppy to The Dog Groomer

Touch Training, Puppies,

We want to make sure that your pet has a great experience with our pet grooming services, so be sure to check out these tips.  The first time you take your puppy to the grooming studio is an important experience for both of you. While many animals need us to help them feel comfortable, we…

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Setting Your Puppy Up For Grooming Success

puppy grooming, pet grooming studio

One of the most important things to do when you’re getting your puppy groomed is starting basic puppy grooming training before they turn 16 weeks old. The best way to guarantee to groom success in their first grooming session, and make it a fun time for them too, is by starting touch training early on.…

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How To Avoid A Shave Down At The Groomer’s 

shave down

Have you had the experience of having your dog shave down at the groomers? When you have a light-colored and fluffy dog like a Maltese, Poodle, or Doodle, you may be inclined to wash your dog at home if they get dirty. No one wants to sleep with a dirty dog after all. If your…

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4 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Puppy

puppy grooming, dog grooming,

Since the start of the Pandemic in early 2020, many of us are now spending more time at home than ever before. As a result of this, we have seen more and more people getting new puppy. I’m sure that among these dog owners are many first-time pet owners. I’ve been in the grooming profession…

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Why Puppy Grooming Is Important?

puppy grooming, pet grooming studio

Did you know that puppies should come in for their first puppy grooming appointment soon after their last vaccine boosters at around 16 weeks old? Grooming puppies during their most impressionable period is important because it sets them up for good grooming table manners. Grooming for an adult dog or even puppies over 6 months…

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Dandelions Are Our Friends: Beware of Weedless Lawns


With the weather warming up, the sun shining brightly, and the days get longer, we’re all starting to enjoy the beautiful long walks with our dogs. After this long lockdown, we all need an excuse to leave the house and our dogs give us just that. Though it’s nice to walk on fresh green grass, we’d…

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Is Dog Grooming Necessary During The Winter Time?

dog grooming

Dog grooming is not just for the summer! Grooming during the winter season is just as important and should not be overlooked. Certain breeds need to be groomed every 6-8 weeks no matter the season, not only for their appearance but also their general health. See why your dog may benefit from a haircut or…

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