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The Secret to a Happy and Healthy Pup: 10 Benefits of Pet Grooming Studio Services

in the shopping plaza (Allencourt Plaza), Richmond Hill ON

Pet Grooming Studio offers an all-breed dog grooming service. This is the only service we offer. And that’s where we excel. No retail, no dog daycare, no dog training, no kennel boarding.

That’s the reason we can groom your pet in a clean and spacious stress-free studio - clean quiet and relaxing workshop,  no bad odor, no contact with other dogs (they greet each other though)

Scissor work is our specialty, but we are equally skilled in clipper work. We have received numerous compliments about how smooth and even their pet’s trims are. We can advise you on the best haircut for your dog’s breed and lifestyle. So if you’re not satisfied with your current pet salon, give us a try!

We provide trendy styles varying from the elegant best-in-shows to the low-maintenance everyday trim and just tidy-ups. Have it your way at our Grooming Studio.

Pet Teeth Brushing Service is available. This is a must-do regularly to keep your pet healthy.

Express Grooming is available ( finish in just two hours! ) You can have your dog done while shopping and pick him/her up right after it.

Open Saturdays!! (make sure to make an appointment a week in advance. This is our busiest day )

Conveniently located in the shopping plaza and has a lot of parking space. No more worries to find a parking spot.

Recommended by many veterinarians

Novice Groomer Rates are available. Have your dog groomed more often while saving you money!

A Day In Our Grooming Studio

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