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Only one customer and pets at a time are allowed to enter the reception area.
And please wear a mask to come into the store.
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We are a charming dog grooming salon located in York Region, where your pet can get an all-around great groom that will make them feel cute and comfortable
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Pet Grooming Studio was voted as one of The Best Pet Grooming Salons
in Richmond Hill Community

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Comments from Customers

five star

Have been taking my dog chico here Pet grooming studio all his life. He's almost 14 now. I am happy with the service I get and they explain if they see any issues with him. Keep up the good work.

-- Mike K

five star

I’ve been going to this dog grooming salon for almost 4 years, and my dog and I always happy to go there. My dog is always comfortable to stay and never had a problem.

-- A Ya

five star

I take my female English Springer Spaniel to this dog grooming studio since 2016. This breed requires skilled groomers, and they have no problem! Staffs are always eager to accommodate my requests, and pick-up time is pretty flexible which is wonderful. My dog is very timid, but she is relaxed here because of the friendly staff and gentle care. Just like our hairdressers, it's hard to find The One - we've tried many groomers and finally found the one that we can trust and feel comfortable with our precious four-legged daughter with.

-- Miki R

five star

I took my sheltie, Fay to Pet Grooming Studio and they were wonderful! Clearly, the employees truly love dogs as Fay was very happy afterward. I have had issues in the past of her being standoffish for about a day after I take her to groomers, clearly, something was wrong with where I was taking her. I wiill definitely be bringing her back here!

-- Dan l

five star

This place is the best! My dog has problems with anxiety. He will panic and bite if he’s stressed. The groomers here understood his problems and explained what my options were. They were straight forward and told me that they would do what they could without stressing him out But they wouldn’t force him. They explained that they might not be able to groom all of him if he reacts but that they would try. I liked their honesty and that they were willing to try. A lot of places just refused.

-- Kora L