3 Tips to Calm Anxiety in Dogs During Grooming Service

Dog’s Anxiety

Signs of Anxiety in Dogs and Managing Their Anxiety During Grooming Groomers play a key role in maintaining your pet’s physical health and well-being, but for a few dogs and their owners, the grooming experience can be an anxious one. From waiting to being handled by strangers, there are plenty of potential triggers that can…

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Does Your Dog Have Daily Exercise Routine?

dog, exercise routine

Dogs need exercise in order to stay healthy, just as humans do. This blog post is all about making sure that our canine friends get their daily dose of walking time and other fun ways to get those hearts pumping! The Benefits Exercise can relieve stress, improve mental clarity, and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease.…

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Brush Your Dog Before It’s Too Late

brush your dog

You may have heard that you need to brush your dog with double coat color, but why? Brushing removes dirt and dead hair that can get trapped in the coat. Brushing helps reduce shedding by removing the excess undercoat that would otherwise fall out all over your home. It also stimulates blood circulation and keeps…

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Getting A Puppy: 4 Must-Know Tips for Prospective Puppy Owners

Getting A Puppy

About Getting A Puppy Since the start of the Pandemic in early 2020, many of us are now spending more time at home than ever before. Because of this, we have seen more and more people think about getting a puppy. I’m sure that among these dog owners are many first-time pet owners. I’ve been…

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Why Puppy Grooming Is Important?

puppy grooming,

Did you know that puppies should come in for their first puppy grooming appointment soon after their last vaccine boosters at around 16 weeks old? Grooming puppies during their most impressionable period is important because it sets them up for good grooming table manners. Grooming for an adult dog or even puppies over 6 months…

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