Solutions For Crusty Eyes (Part-2)

Crusty Eyes

Want to know how to take care of those pesky eye goobers and tear stains at home? If your dog is prone to quickly accumulating chunky, crusty eyes or discharge, there are some things to keep in mind before you decide to yank them off! Hair in the eyes can be very irritating, which is why some dogs produce more tears. If you think this may be the issue, ask your groomer to trim above the eyes shorter at their next grooming appointment.

However, we do not advise to leave the eye goobers for over 1-2 weeks if your dog’s eye charge accumulates quickly. Here are some simple tips for taking care of your dog’s eye health at home.

You can remove the dried eye discharge every 2-3 days by picking them off with clean fingers. If the discharge hasn’t solidified or stuck to the skin underneath, you should be able to pull them off painlessly. If your dog winces or yelps, the discharge is too hard and you should stop! Here is what you should do at this point:

How To Clean Crusty Eyes

1. Moisten the discharge with a cotton ball or cloth soaked in warm water. This will make it easier to slide off the hair around their eyes. 

2. You can use a flea comb or any narrow toothed comb to remove the eye discharge as long as the discharge is not dry. Simply comb through from the inner eye corners to lift the discharge from the hair.

flea comb dog grooming

3. If you wipe your dog’s eyes often, it’s best to also fully dry them whenever you can. Moisture left around the eye mixed with whatever bacteria on the skin can lead to what we call “stinky face.” If you’ve ever left a wet towel or sweaty socks lying around, you’ll recognize this foul smell. You may find pet-safe antibacterial wipes or solutions that have an odour neutralizer. 

If, for whatever reason, you can not bring your dog to the groomer and can not cut their hair above their eyes, you can tie the long hairs with a hair tie or small hair clip. It’s important to make sure there’s no hair or debris in their eyes. 

For pets who have annoying tear stains, we suggest asking your groomer to remove the stains by clipping them off. We also sell cosmetic eye stain cover-ups in our boutique!

Your dog’s eyes are an important part of their health and should be cared for. If your dog has a tendency to accumulate eye discharge, don’t wait until it’s too late before seeking help from a professional groomer or veterinarian. If you have more questions about eye care, ask one of our knowledgeable groomers at your dog’s next grooming appointment!

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