Nail Health 101 For Dogs

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f you own a dog, you know you need to trim your dog's nails regularly.

But how do you know when they're too long? It's hard to tell if your pet's nails are getting too long or not. You might notice that their nails are making clicking sounds on the floor or furniture, but this is a sign of an overgrown nail and should be trimmed immediately!

Not only do long nails make loud noises when your pup walks around, but overgrown nails can also cause pain. For example, if the nail curls around your dog's paw, the nail can pierce the underside of their paw, which can cause severe pain and even lead to infection. If you've ever broken a fingernail, you know how bad it can be, especially if the breakage happens closer to the nail bed--or in the dog's case, the quick. Walking with long nails for a long period can also affect the way your dog walks. Imagine walking with shoes that are one or two sizes smaller.

This is a difficult problem to deal with because cutting them back can be painful and stressful for your pup. However, there are some things you can do at home to help keep your dog's nails trimmed and healthy. The first thing you should avoid overgrown nails is making sure they get plenty of exercise so that their nails naturally get filed when they walk or run. 

However, this solution may not work for all dogs, since their mobility depends on their age, breed, and weight. We often see smaller, lighter dogs or senior, geriatric dogs with overgrown nails because of their lack of exercise. 

If you want to keep your pup healthy and happy, it’s important that you take care of their claws by trimming them every 2-3 weeks. We offer professional nail trimming services and nail-grinding or filing at Pet Grooming Studio. Our staff will make sure your furry friend feels comfortable during the process, so they don't feel anxious about coming back again! And we'll even give them a treat after!

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