[Pet Eye Care 101 Part 1] Eye Boogies: Could It Be A Sign Of Infection? 

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If you’re a dog owner, then you’re likely familiar with the gooey, brown discharge that sometimes builds up in your dog’s eyes. While they may be unsightly, they’re also quite normal. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what eye boogers are and why they form, as well as explore some ways to safely remove them. We’ll also offer some tips in the next article for keeping your dog’s eyes healthy and free of boogers. So if your pup has been sporting some funky eye discharge lately, keep reading!

Is It Normal?

Have you ever wondered if your dog’s eye boogers are normal or not? Many people think that their pet’s eye discharge is simply a cosmetic issue, but it can be a sign of something more serious. The reason behind the staining could range anywhere from being in contact with another animal to having allergies, or eating a diet that doesn’t agree with them. Hair can even cause it in their eyes.

Your dog may experience an eye problem if you notice green or yellow-colored discharge or build-up around their eyes. It’s usually stickier and can sometimes have a foul odor. Other signs of eye issues include pawing at the eyes, continuous scratching of the eye area, or not being able to open the eyes fully. It could be an eye infection or something worse. Eye issues worsen quickly with animals, so it’s best to seek medical advice at the first signs instead of waiting for them to heal on their own.


Staining Vs. Crusty DischargeCrusty Eyes

When we see our grooming clients, there are always three types of dogs. Ones who do not develop any eye discharge. Ones with a little or a lot of crusty discharge accumulated under their eyes, or ones with just tear staining. Since we have no medical background, we cannot give much advice on tear staining, but many pet-safe products claim to reduce tear staining. They developed these for cosmetics only and do not take care of any underlying issues that are originally causing the tears to stain their fur.

The most important thing is to take care of eye discharge as soon as you notice it. If you’re a dog lover, we’re sure there’s not a day that goes by without you looking into their sweet, adorable faces. So, while you gaze into their dreamy eyes, check for any signs of discharge and give them a quick wipe! Observe to see if they look normal or maybe a sign of a health issue. Check out Part 2 of this article for eye discharge solutions!


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