#2-Fresh Dog Hacks: How To Use Dry Shampoo

How To Use Dry Shampoo

How To Use Dry Shampoo

Bath time is one of the great joys of being a pet parent. But let’s be honest, it’s not always the most convenient thing and we don’t always have the time to give them a full bath and blow out. That’s why it’s important to know the mess-free way to keep your pup clean between their grooming appointments. Dry shampoo or water-less shampoo is one of the best innovations for pet parents everywhere. Here is a simple guide on how to effectively use them.

1. Give them a good brushing

This is the most important step, so don’t skip it! A good brushing not only helps remove dirt and debris, but it also helps distribute natural oils throughout the coat, which can help keep it healthy and looking its best. Just be sure to use a brush or comb that will separate every hair strand, as we don’t want any tangles or matted clumps. These can easily become severely matted with the use of dry shampoo.

How to use dry shampoo

2. Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a godsend for humans, and it turns out it’s just as helpful for dogs. If your pup is looking a little greasy or giving off a foul odour, just give them a quick once-over with some dry shampoo, avoiding their eyes. It will absorb the excess oil and leave their coat looking and smelling fresh. Rub in the shampoo where the odour is likely emanating from such as their ear flaps, bum area, feet, and in between their legs. Leave the dry shampoo on their skin and fur for a few minutes.

3. Wipe them down with a dry cloth

Once the shampoo has penetrated the skin and lifted the odours, use a dry cloth or towel to wipe off the dry shampoo. While it might make more sense to leave the dry shampoo on the fur and skin, multiple uses of the product can leave the fur, feeling sticky. Just make sure you’re getting in all the nooks and crannies, like behind the ears and under the tail.

  4. Spot clean as needed

If your dog gets into something they’re not supposed to (ahem, mud) or get a little dirty after a walk, don’t wait until bath time to clean them up. Use a wet cloth and some dry shampoo to spot-clean the area as best you can. 

Keeping your furry friend clean doesn’t have to be a hassle—or require multiple baths per week. With these four quick and easy tips, you can help your pup stay fresh and clean between baths, no matter what they get themselves into! Your dog and your groomer will thank you!

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