Teach Your Dog To Like Brushing: 7 Tips From Your Groomer

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Do you dread brushing your dog? We know the feeling! It seems like a tedious task, but it can be done at home with little time and patience. The secret to success is to start early when your dog is still a puppy - use the right tools and techniques, and make it a positive experience.

We recommend brushing your dog regularly at home (at least 2-3 times a week) while you take him to the groomer.

Advantages of brushing

Regular brushing of your dog is necessary to prevent matting and matted hair, and to remove unwanted impurities from the coat. Matted hair can be very painful and uncomfortable, so brushing is an important part of your dog's lifestyle.

Regular brushing and combing not only prevent tangles from forming, but it also help to keep the coat healthy by distributing the natural oils throughout your dog's hair and skin. This keeps your dog's coat healthy, and the grooming lasts even longer! 

It helps reduce the amount of dead hair and dander in your home and on clothing or furniture, which is a pleasant bonus! Regular brushing makes for a happy pet with fewer allergens to contend with at home.

How To Make Brushing A Positive Experience Every Time

1. Get in the habit of brushing your dog when he's still a puppy. Start with touch training and gain his trust. Then work your way up from touching different parts of his body until you can only use one brush.

2. Teach your dog to enjoy being brushed by rewarding him with attention, praise, and treats when he sits still during grooming. Help him associate brushing with a positive and relaxing experience.

3. If the hair is matted, do not aggressively pull on the mats with the brush. Instead, start with the outer layer of matting and gently brush the surface as you work your way closer to the skin. After brushing through the matted mass, comb through the area to make sure your comb can go through catching no matting. You should be able to comb all the way to the skin without breaking it.

4. In this video, you can see that the dog is lying on the grooming table without a noose around its neck. If you are also brushing the dog on the table, you should use a collar with a leash so he can not fall off.

5. If you are brushing your pet at home, ask your groomer what type of brush to use and how to use line brushing and other proper techniques. There are many types of brushes on the market, so it's best to consult a professional for advice on what type of brush to use for your particular breed of dog and coat type.

6, There are many ways to remove matting and matted hair from a dog. Un-matting with a brush can be painful for your dog and also takes time. Therefore, it is best to brush regularly and prevent the formation of tangles. If the matting is severe and covers a large part of the body, we advise you not to brush your dog and have them shaved by a professional groomer. This is far more humane and saves the animal a painful experience.

7, It is more important to make brushing a pleasant experience for you and your dog. So instead of focusing on proper techniques, try to figure out why your dog does not like brushing. Avoid painful experiences as much as possible. Keep brushing sessions short and combine them with activities your dog likes, such as meals, playing, or long walks.

Regular brushing is important for maintaining a healthy, shiny coat. If you are having trouble, getting your dog to sit still and let you brush him, do not worry! There are many ways you can teach your dog to enjoy grooming. 

We hope these tips give pet owners some ideas when it's time to think about their dog's next haircut or trim! What method have you used to get your pet used to brush?

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