The Way To Have Your Dog Accept Grooming Without Struggle

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Home grooming is an essential part of pet care, brushing and combing frequently at home is especially important to maintain a good coat. In addition, you have to clean paws after a walk, clean around the mouth, remove eye stains, remove debris from the coat, or examine skin and coat conditions as often as needed.
If you cannot do these chores, it's hard to keep your dog as neat and clean as you want.

Many people say "my dog hates brushing " or "when I pick up a brush, he senses it and disappears somewhere."

If you don't know how to brush your dog, just ask your dog's groomer the next time you take your dog in for grooming.

But knowing how to brush your dog doesn't guarantee that you can do it at home.
There are more things you should know.

The things you need to do before grooming your dog

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First, you have to let your dog accept grooming before you can groom your dog.

Before your dog allows you to groom him/her and accept grooming, you have to touch and handle any part of its body without a struggle.

If your dog has a matted coat, it is better to leave it to the professionals. If you remove the mats by force, your dog hates being groomed by you.

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