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If your dog has been shaven short by a groomer, because of severe matting, read this about dog bathing.
Has your groomer ever told you not to bathe your dog at home? You may think it’s weird, knowing how quickly they get dirty. Of course, you can bathe your dog at home! There are just a few things to consider before you bring out the doggy shampoo and start coaxing your dog towards the bathtub.

In this article, we will let you in on some dog bathing secrets. By the time you finish reading, you may reconsider bathing your dog or change your bathing routine. Let’s start by asking why your groomer might not want you to bathe your dog at home. If they’ve asked you not to, it’s likely because your dog was severely matted at their grooming appointment and had to be shaved down.

As we’ve discussed previously, bathing a dog that is already matted can tighten its existing mats and cause the coat to pelt. This is especially important with dogs with long fur, any long-haired shedding breed like Samoyeds, and mixed breeds like Golden Doodles. Here are the top 3 mistakes dog owners make when bathing their dog at home:

 Dog bathing: the professional way

1. They bathe an already matted dog without prepping the coat.

2. They do not use a hose with good water pressure to rinse the coat. Therefore, the dog is not completely clean, and shampoo residue remains on their coat and skin.

3. They air dry. This is the biggest mistake leading to a matted and uncomfortable dog. So what does your groomer do differently? First, the groomer brushes your dog and combs through to make sure there are no existing mats. They then securely place them in the bathtub with a strap to ensure they do not escape and injure themselves. They shampoo, rinse, condition, and rinse again using good water pressure.

Rinsing well is paramount to a clean and itch-free dog. Once towel-dried, they dry on a low heat setting while simultaneously brushing with a slicker brush. This requires some coordination and is difficult to achieve without practice. They continue to brush, comb, and dry until they are completely dry.

Although bathing a dog at home may seem like the more convenient option, it is not recommended. Bathing a dog requires proper preparation and after-care to avoid causing severe matting. If you find that the suggested bathing routine is too much work, bring your dog to the groomer instead. They will be able to properly bathe and dry your pet, ensuring that he or she looks and feel great when you pick them up.

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