Does Your Dog Have Daily Exercise Routine?

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Dogs need exercise in order to stay healthy, just as humans do. This blog post is all about making sure that our canine friends get their daily dose of walking time and other fun ways to get those hearts pumping!

The Benefits

Exercise can relieve stress, improve mental clarity, and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. The effects of physical exercise in dogs can also benefit them in various other ways! There are so many benefits to exercising, like reducing their overall anxiety or having better stool quality. 

Does your pup often get the “zoomies” across your living room? If you have a dog who gets overly excited or perhaps even a little hyperactive, exercise and plenty of playtime may be in order. We find this pattern in many dogs who live in apartments or condos that don’t have immediate access to a lawn or aren’t taken out as frequently as they should. 

Don’t forget that exercise is also a great way to train and socialize your dog! If you have a local doggy daycare, why not give your dog the chance to make friends and have regular play dates? 

Every Dog Is Different

It's important that you provide the proper amount of exercise for your particular breed. For instance, a Labrador retriever would need different amounts of exercise than a Chihuahua because they have different weights and breeds aren't created equally! If you're not sure what type or how much activity your dog needs, then consult with your veterinarian or breeder who will advise you on the best way to make sure that Fido gets enough physical activity every day!

Remember that puppies also have more energy than adult dogs and as they age they will have less mobility and will require less vigorous exercise. For puppies and young adult dogs, we recommend short walks (10-15 minutes) several times a day rather than one long walk because it can become too hard on their joints.

If your dog has any known health issues such as hip dysplasia or heart murmurs, it’s best to consult your veterinarian about exercise and proper diet. 

Exercise Isn’t Just About Running

Although walking or running with your dog is a great first step to help them develop a healthy lifestyle, it’s not the only thing that can keep them active. There are many toys and puzzles out on the market that can help stimulate them physically and mentally. Dogs love to chase and hunt their toys, so throw them a plushier with a squeaker or even a plain old tennis ball. Once they start, they’ll almost never want to stop a game of fetch. 

If you want to be creative, you can also try playing hide and seek inside the house! Your dog will go nuts going up and down the stairs looking for you.

Exercise is a necessity for dogs. Whether you two are going for a run or playing a tug-of-war, exercise is good not just for you but for your dog too! When they exercise, you’ll have a more calm and well-adjusted dog. If your dog destroys furniture, perhaps a daily dose of exercise is the answer. Pick up the leash, tie up your running shoes, and get those paws moving!

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