Banish Ear Infections from Your Dog: How to recognize ear infections and how to treat it.

Ear Infections

Have you noticed your dog compulsively scratching his ears or shaking his head? This could be a sign of an ear infection. We commonly seen ear infections during grooming and can look different on each dog. Ear infections can escalate quickly in dogs and permanently damage the ear canal if left untreated. So make sure you clean your dog's ears regularly.


Ear infections in dogs are more common in the summer or warmer months when they are playing at the kennel or beach. Bacteria that come from dirt and debris in the ear often cause ear infections. Bacteria multiply in warm and moist environments. So if your pet goes swimming often, dry their ears as much as possible.


Ear infections can look different in every dog. Some have a foul yeasty odour, others have excessive brown, yellow, or green discharge, and still others have redness or irritation inside their ears. Although groomers can clean an already infected ear, it is always best to consult a veterinarian before cleaning the ears so he can take ear swabs for analysis and determine the type of infection. He can find the right ear drops or other treatments for your pet's condition.


Regular ear cleanings will not help cure an already infected ear, but they can help prevent infections in the future. Some dogs only have their ears cleaned during grooming appointments, but if your dog is prone to ear infections, it may be beneficial to clean their ears more frequently. You can use a pet-safe ear cleaner with a cotton ball to clean the inside of your dog's ear weekly. DO NOT use Q-Tips, as there is a risk of perforating the eardrum or damaging the ear canal. 


We offer ear cleanings with or without ear hair, plucking as part of all our bath and grooming packages. So if your pet is prone to ear infections, we highly recommend regular grooming appointments to keep their ears clean! 

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