5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Comfortable In The Summer

Keep Your Dog Comfortable

Summer is in full swing and it's time to prepare for the hot, humid weather. While we humans have plenty of options to stay cool, dogs don't have a lot of choices for keeping themselves comfortable during these extreme temperatures. Here are 5 Ways To Keep your dog comfortable in the summer heat!

1) Keep them hydrated and keep your dog comfortable during summer

Keeping your dog hydrated is a must during the hot summer months, so make sure they have plenty of cool water and even add some ice cubes to help keep them feeling refreshed. If you live in a large house or apartment, consider having several water bowls on each floor or room. Bring a portable dog water bottle/bowl during long walks in case they get thirsty.

2) Be mindful of walking schedules

keep your dog comfortable

Let them out in the early morning hours or late evening when it's cooler outside. On hot sunny days, the asphalt walkways and roads can get extremely hot--so hot that it can literally burn your dog's paws. If your dog has very short hair, they're prone to sunburn so if you need to take them for a quick pee or poo mid-day, make it quick and in the shade as much as possible.

3) Bring them for a haircut often in the summer

The fur on your dog's body should be kept trimmed short so that they don't overheat too quickly. The best way to keep a pup cool during the summer is with frequent baths and regular grooming sessions. If your dog has matted hair, we should remove as soon it as possible. Severe matting can trap all their body heat along with the outside heat, so bring them in for a shave-down. Your dog will thank you!

For double-coated breeds, it is not recommended to cut their hair short due to it possibly growing back patchy or it may jeopardize their original hair color. The best way to take care of our double coats is to brush regularly to remove all dead hair and undercoat so their skin can breathe.

4) Keep the house cool

Consider investing in an air conditioning unit for your home if you live in an area where temperatures get really high during the peak season. You don't have to set the temperature to freezing, but comfortable enough that your dog is not panting all the time. Remember that panting is their way of regulating their body temperature, so it doesn't necessarily indicate overheating.

5) Never leave your dog in a hot car

We all know that you shouldn't really ever, and I mean EVER, keep an animal confined to a hot environment for too long because of how quickly it can make them suffer from or even develop heatstroke. You may think " it's only going to be a minute!" but no matter what the circumstance they will eventually overheat if left alone without any means of at least providing some kind of relief until we get back! Even with the windows open, the inside of a car can reach dangerous temperatures very quickly and your dog will be helpless without you.

As summer continues to heat up, it’s important that you be mindful of your dog and ensure they have everything they need to stay comfortable. We hope these five tips will help you and your puppy overcome the summer heat and enjoy the beautiful season! If you think your dog is ready for a summer trim, make sure to book with us so we can help them feel fresh and cool.

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