Five Tips Before You Take Your Puppy to The Dog Groomer

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We want to make sure that your pet has a great experience with our pet grooming services, so be sure to check out these tips.

The first time you take your puppy to the grooming studio is an important experience for both of you. While many animals need us to help them feel comfortable, we must make sure your pet doesn't feel scared or stressed.

If you want your dog to be the most handsome and charming pup in town, then he or she needs to have a haircut. But while some people might prefer their pet companion getting groomed monthly, others will do so only when they need one as well as when they can find the time. Regardless of how often you choose for them to get trimmed down, there are still steps that every owner should take before taking their four-legged friend in to see the stylist - whether new or old! Reward them with high-value treats at every session.

Here are 5 steps you can take to help your puppy feel comfortable and excited for their first grooming appointment:

Number one: Expose your puppies to new people and places.

Visiting the grooming room for the first time as a puppy can be both exciting and scary! Exposing your puppy to different environments and experiences will help to develop a confident personality. It will also help them feel calm and less anxious during their first few grooming appointments when they have to be away from their pet parents for a couple of hours. You might also want to consider having your vet check them out. Most puppies do fine when left alone, but they do better when they are socialized and exercised. Our professional dog groomers will be sure to give your dog a friendly and calming experience.

Number two: Practice touch training at home

It is important to practice touch training while your puppy is very young, so start this as soon as possible. Touch training is when you gently, but firmly touch your dog's whole body. Focus on areas like their feet, in between the webbing of their paw pads, their ears, their muzzle, their rear, and their stomach to desensitize them to handle these parts of the body. Gently rubbing and massaging these areas is a great way to bond with your puppy during playtime or while watching tv, so make sure to have some yummy treats close by. Groomers will have to touch every part of their body when your pup is here for grooming, so it's very important for them to feel comfortable about it and not feel protective. Practicing feeling their mouth and gums with your finger will also help when brushing their teeth in the future.

Once they're accustomed to being touched, use the end of a beard trimmer or electric toothbrush to gently stroke them all over. This will simulate the vibrations and sounds from the clipper.

Number three: Give them some exercise before their grooming sessions


A lot of puppy owners don't realize that if they take their pet for a long walk or exercise before their grooming appointment, it will make the experience much more pleasant. Puppies are already bursting with energy, so you can imagine how fidgety they can be when they're clueless about the whole situation. Taking them out for a good 20-30 minutes beforehand will help to wear them out and calm them down. It is much safer for the puppy and their groomer if the puppy is less anxious about the process.

Number four: Introduce them to brushing

Dogs need to be brushed, no matter how short or long hair fur may be. Brushing not only prevents matting but also keeps their fur smooth and silky. The groomer will probably shave A matted dog down because it would be painful to brush through tight matting. If you would like to prevent your puppy from getting shaved down, start brushing them as soon as possible.

Start by letting your puppy get to know the brush. Let them smell it, and run the back of it against their body. Gently stroke them with the back of the brush and gradually start using the brush side if they seem like they don't mind it.

Number five: Bring them in for grooming frequently

I might relieve you after your puppy's first grooming session, especially if it goes well. However, it's really important to help them understand that this is not a onetime thing. Grooming is a lifestyle, and grooming isn't something that should be feared. At the very least, we should tolerate it. That's why we recommend bringing your puppy for grooming every 4-6 weeks during their first year. If it's too soon for a haircut, bring them in for a bath-only appointment. Once they become accustomed, grooming can be scheduled as needed.

Grooming is certainly not a one-time thing. We should groom puppies from early on to get them used to groom procedures so that they will grow up with healthy and shiny fur, which can only lead to more tail wags! Follow these 5 steps for teaching your puppy how to tolerate grooming to make the session as successful as possible, while also being fun for both you and your pup. We have many happy customers who've been coming back since their puppies were just little ones - we'd love it if you gave us a try too!


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