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Dog Teeth Brushing ( cotton gauze method )

I recommend the “
touching exercise” first. After you clear this exercise, you can start The Advanced Exercise of putting your finger into your dog’s mouth.

Use careful, gentle movements throughout the exercise, and try to be positively involved in the process, making your dog think this is fun or pleasant.

Remember, your dog takes most of its cues from you, so if you act like you can’t wait to finish, your dog will feel the same way.

1) First, open dog’s mouth. When you are able to do it, praise your dog a great-deal.

2) Touch the side of teeth for a second with your finger. When you are able to do it, praise your dog passionately again.

3) Gradually touch its teeth for a longer time and cover more teeth.

4) Next, rap your index finger with a piece of wet cotton gauze and touch exercise with it.
The area you should touch is rather the base of teeth or gum line than the teeth surface.

5) Massage gum line with it.

6) Apply some wet baking soda paste on the cotton and do the exercise. ( Baking soda is not always necessary. If the stain is heavy it helps. )
Try cleaning outside of the teeth row and gum line which is the area where most tartar build up. That’s good enough .
Now your dog’s teeth are much cleaner !

Open the mouth and rub gum line with wet cotton gauzes..

You can apply a little baking soda or tooth paste.
Rub the base of canine teeth

It doesn’t harm to leave baking soda or tooth paste in your dog’s mouth.

But I feel it much cleaner and refreshed by rinsing the mouth with squeezing bottled water. Insert the tip of bottle from side. There is some opening even the jaws closed. Hold dog’s muzzle downward.

well done

Keto is an 8 years old Pomeranian.
His teeth are very clean and healthy. No bad breath at all because he gets his teeth brushed twice a week by his owner.
Another way to brush teeth

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