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How to brush your dog's teeth at home.
When your dog comes back from a pet salon looking gorgeous and is eager to jump up in your arms, you would feel a bit annoyed if he/she had bad breath.
You may have bought a dog tooth brush and paste at the pet store and tried to brush your dog's teeth.
But you tried only once and gave up that idea because you found that your dog hated teeth brushing.
You see many kinds of dental care products in a pet store which don't come with the instructions. And 90% of people find it difficult to brush their pet's teeth.

There are many benefits to keep your dog's teeth clean, not only prevents bad breath, but also it prevents gum disease, it keeps dog's healthy teeth much longer.

It also makes him/her more resistant to other diseases, healthier, more attractive and more lovable.

I always ask the pet owners with healthy old age dogs what do they feed their dog and on what kind of health regimens they have their pet.

The story that they have been brushing dog's teeth comes up often. I feel there is some relationship between the clean teeth and dog's longevity.

It takes a little effort to keep your dog's teeth clean, but you should give it a try. You can do it if you train your dog systematically. You may be surprised at the result you get.

Bigin as early age as possible . It's easy to brush your dog's teeth if you start "
touching exercise" at puppy.

You may think that at puppy age it is not necessary to brush your dog's teeth because the dog's teeth are still sparkle clean, but you are wrong.

It is much easier to train your dog to accept teeth brushing when it is a puppy. As your dog ages, it’s getting harder and harder. (Not many pet care books mention this )

Start brushing your dog's teeth as early age as possible not only to prevent dental problems, but also you can promote general good health. You will be grateful what you've been doing to your pet.
All the dogs dependent on commercial dog food deserve teeth brushing at home.

If your dog has bad breath, have it examined by your veterinarian. If solid plaque has formed along the gum line. you have to ask your vet to remove it. Then start brushing your dog's teeth at home.

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