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What is a good dog?

All pet experts have different opinions about what a good dog is. Here is my opinion as a groomer.

To simply say, a good dog is one that you can pleasantly live with is not enough. I would add something else:
* A dog with whom you and also other people are pleased to interact with.

* If you have friends who know your dog well and volunteer to take care of your dog while you are away, I would say " That's a good dog."

* A dog that anyone would like to adopt or a dog that gets adopted easily without a problem.

These dogs have certain characteristics and are liked by everyone. All of this makes them good dogs in everybody's eyes.

I would list the four traits all " good dogs" should have.

1) A dog that is housebroken.

2) A dog that is well sociable both with adults and children.

3) A dog that you can handle and allows you touch any part of its body and also accepts grooming. This means you can keep him/her clean and neat.

4) A dog that is healthy and attractive and hard to resist to hug or pat.

You can find the information about housebreaking, socializing and pet health general in other web-sites.
I will focus my grooming tips mainly on #3 and #4.
I will explain how to let your dog accept grooming if you have problems to groom your dog at home in tip-2
Also how to promote your pet's health by brushing its teeth at home in tip-3.

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