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Touching Exercise Elementary Class
Here is what to do
Dogs like to be touched certain parts and there are some area they don't like to be handled and touched. The most dogs don't like tip of their legs to be held, their bum being touched, or their muzzle and mouth area being held. Some dogs also don't like their ears and a tail being touched.
You can do the following exercise whenever your dog is by your side. You can do this exercise
even while watching TV. You don't need special training time.

1) Pat and stroke any part of your dog where he/she likes it or is comfortable with.

2) Hold the areas where your dog doesn't like to be touched, like paws, muzzle, bum and tail
Start slowly and proceed a bit at a time. First touch these area a just moment. If your dog let you touch these parts, praise your dog throughly.

Or stroke immediately the areas that please your dog as a reward ( neck, breast, base of tail, back of ears and so on )
Repeat this procedure for a few seconds and gradually lengthen the time to touch these areas.

The dog has to get used to be touched by you.
If you can do this exercise easily, brushing and combing your dog will not be a difficult task.

There are many benefits to be able to touch any part of your dog's body. You will not only be able to brush but also occasionally clean mess around bum area, wash paws and you can clean around mouth and eye stains.

All the same time your dog will be much less stressed every time he is being groomed by you or a professional, or even visiting the vet. It is also useful in emergency situation.

Your dog will start to like to be touched by other people as well. It means that your dog will becomes more confident and friendlier when meeting other people.

Do it before taking a walk, or before meal time. Make it so that your dog expects something pleasant after grooming.
It's good rule for your dog to be groomed in the same place at same time everyday.

Do everything to condition your dog to accept grooming and make it pleasant time. As a result, you will get more trust and respect from your dog.

This exercise is as important as teaching " come , sit and stay commands" of the obedience training.

touch the rear leg and paw

touch the front leg and paw

touch bum area

touch and hold the muzzle and open her mouth.

touch the teeth with wet gauze rapped around your index finger, if possible.

"touching exercise" well done.

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